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2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial of Radiation Therapy Plus Concurrent Interferon-Alpha and Retinoic Acid Versus Cisplatin for Stage III Cervical CarcinomaBasu, Partha; Jenson, Alfred Bennett; Majhi, Tapas; Choudhury, Prabir; Mandal, Ranajit
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Dose-Dependent Cortical Thinning After Partial Brain Irradiation in High-Grade GliomaKarunamuni, Roshan; Bartsch, Hauke; White, Nathan S; Moiseenko, Vitali; Carmona, Ruben; Marshall, Deborah C; Seibert, Tyler M; Mcdonald, Carrie R; Farid, Nikdokht; Krishnan, Anithapriya; Kuperman, Joshua; Mell, Loren; Brewer, James B; Dale, Anders M; Hattangadi-gluth,
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (17).pdf.jpg2016Imaging and Data Acquisition in Clinical Trials for Radiation TherapyFitzgerald, Thomas J; Bishop-jodoin, Maryann; Followill, David S; Galvin, James; Knopp, Michael V; Michalski, Jeff M; Rosen, Mark A; Bradley, Jeffrey D; Shankar, Lalitha K; Laurie, Fran; Cicchetti, M Giulia; Moni, Janaki; Coleman, C Norman; Deye, James A; Capala, Jacek
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2016What Are Medical Students in the United States Learning About Radiation Oncology ? Results of a Multi-Institutional SurveyZaorsky, Nicholas G; Shaikh, Talha; Handorf, Elizabeth; Eastwick, Gary; Hesney, Adam; Scher, Eli D; Jones, Ryan T; Showalter, Timothy N; Avkshtol, Vladimir; Rice, Stephanie R; Horwitz, Eric M; Meyer, Joshua E
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2016A Phase 2 Open Label , Single-Arm Trial to Evaluate the Combination of Cetuximab Plus Taxotere , Cisplatin , and 5-Flurouracil as an Induction Regimen in Patients With Unresectable Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and NeckGrau, Juan J; Va, Silvia; Mesı, Ricard; Lozano, Alicia; Garcı, Jose A; Carles, Joan; Garcı, Carlos; Irigoyen, Antonio; Man, Manel; Barco, Elvira; Garcı, Beatriz; Taberna, Miren; Escobar, Yolanda
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Role of Surgical Versus Clinical Staging in Chemoradiated FIGO Stage IIB-IVA Cervical Cancer Patients d Acute Toxicity and Treatment Quality of the Uterus-11 Multicenter Phase III Intergroup Trial of the German Radiation Oncology Group and the GynecologicMarnitz, Simone; Martus, Peter; Ko, Christhardt; Stromberger, Carmen; Asse, Elke; Mallmann, Peter; Schmidberger, Heinz; Jose, Renato; Nunes, Soares; Sehouli, Jalid
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (19).pdf.jpg2016Variation in Definitive Therapy for Localized Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Among National Comprehensive Cancer Network InstitutionsValle, Luca F; Jagsi, Reshma; Bobiak, Sarah N; Zornosa, Carrie; Amico, Thomas A D; Pisters, Katherine M; Dexter, Elisabeth U; Niland, Joyce C; Hayman, James A; Kapadia, Nirav S
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Potential Use of 18 F-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography e Based Quantitative Imaging Features for Guiding Dose Escalation in Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung CancerFried, David V; Mawlawi, Osama; Zhang, Lifei; Fave, Xenia; Zhou, Shouhao; Ibbott, Geoffrey; Liao, Zhongxing; Court, Laurence E
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2016What Aspects of Personal Care Are Most Important to Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer ?Foley, Kimberley A; Feldman-stewart, Deb; Groome, Patti A; Brundage, Michael D; Mcardle, Siobhan; Wallace, David; Peng, Yingwei; Mackillop, William J
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 2 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Depigmentation Within the Radiation Field in Patients With VitiligoShumway, Dean A; Abu-isa, Eyad; Soto, Daniel E; Do, Thy Thy; Jagsi, Reshma
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (64).pdf.jpg2016Subsite Variation in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas in the Era of Human Papillomavirus: Tonsillar Fossa Has Improved Survival Compared to Base of TonguePlatek, A; Jayaprakash, V; Platek, M; Gupta, V; Cohan, D; Hicks, W; Winslow, T; Groman, A; Dibaj, S S; Arshad, H; Kuriakose, M A; Warren, G W; Singh, A K
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (68).pdf.jpg2016Low-Level Laser Therapy and Laser Debridement for Management of Oral Mucositis in Patients With Head and Neck Cancer Receiving Chemotherapy and RadiationAllan, E; Barney, C; Baum, S; Kessling, T; Diavolitsis, V M; Blakaj, D; Grecula, J C; Rocco, J W; Putten, M Van; Bhatt, A D
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (72).pdf.jpg2016Initial Clinical Outcomes From a Prospective Phase 1 Trial of Hypofractionated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Early-Stage Glottic Larynx CancerSchwartz, D L; Chun, S G; Ding, C; Sosa, A; Nedzi, L A; Yordy, J S; Chen, S A; Timmerman, R D; Sumer, B
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (69).pdf.jpg2016A Comparative Study of Patient-Reported Quality of Life, Xerostomia, and Dysgeusia in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OPSCC) Treated With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) or Proton Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS)Ahn, P; Lin, A; Zhou, O; Lukens, J N; Sharma, S
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (71).pdf.jpg2016Methods for Reducing Normal Tissue Complication Probabilities (NTCP) in Oropharyngeal Cancer (OPC): Dose De-escalation or Removal of Planning Target VolumesSamuels, S; Eisbruch, A; Vineberg, K A; Lee, C; Matuszak, M M; Haken, R K Ten; Brock, K K
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (67).pdf.jpg2016Induction Chemotherapy Followed by Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy Versus Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy Upfront in Locally Advanced Oral Cavity Cancer: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Individual DataSanfilippo, N J; Vasconcelos, R; Moya, J; Malamud, D; Barber, C
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (70).pdf.jpg2016The Use of Predictive Modeling in Adaptive Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck CancerBrown, E; Owen, R; Harden, F; Mengersen, K; Oestreich, K; Houghton, W; Poulsen, M G; Harris, S; Lin, C; Porceddu, S
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Dosimetric Assessment of the Contralateral Parotid 6 Months After Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck TumorsNallari, A; Qu, J; Haverkos, B; Rastogi, S; Chilkulwar, A
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 4 March (66).pdf.jpg2016Three-Dimensionally Printed Bolus in Head and Neck Electron Radiation therapyElliott, D A; Walker, J; Holland, J M
2016 IJROBP Volume 94 Issue 1 January (3).pdf.jpg2016Impact of Using Audit Data to Improve the Evidence-Based Use of Single-Fraction Radiation Therapy for Bone Metastases in British ColumbiaOlson, Robert A; Tiwana, Manpreet; Barnes, Mark; Cai, Eric; Mcgahan, Colleen; Roden, Kelsey; Yurkowski, Emily; Gentles, Quinn; French, John; Halperin, Ross; Olivotto, Ivo A

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