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2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2016Adverse prognosis and distinct progression patterns after concurrent chemoradiotherapy for glioblastoma with synchronous subventricular zone and corpus callosum invasionLiang, Tony Hsiang-kuang; Kuo, Sung-hsin; Wang, Chun-wei; Chen, Wan-yu; Hsu, Che-yu; Lai, Shih-fan; Tseng, Ham-min; You, San-lin; Chen, Chung-ming; Tseng, Wen-yih Isaac
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Cranial irradiation significantly reduces beta amyloid plaques in the brain and improves cognition in a murine model of Alzheimer ’ s Disease ( AD )Marples, Brian; Mcgee, Mackenzie; Callan, Sean; Bowen, Scott E; Thibodeau, Bryan J; Michael, Daniel B; Wilson, George D; Maddens, Michael E; Fontanesi, James; Martinez, Alvaro A
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (14).pdf.jpg2016Minimizing the uncertainties regarding the effects of delaying radiotherapy for Glioblastoma : A systematic review and meta-analysisVictor, Luiz; Loureiro, Maia; Victor, Silva; Callegaro-filho, Donato; Oliveira, Ludmila De; Barros, Lucíola De; Weltman, Eduardo; Terezinha, Edna; Maria, Suzana; Malheiros, Fleury
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (16).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of adverse events in atomic bomb survivors receiving curative-intent radiation therapy from 2005 to 2010Doi, Yoshiko; Murakami, Yuji; Kenjo, Masahiro; Imano, Nobuki; Kimura, Tomoki; Nagata, Yasushi
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Comparative analysis of the effects of radiotherapy versus radiotherapy after adjuvant chemotherapy on the composition of lymphocyte subpopulations in breast cancer patientsSage, Eva K; Schmid, Thomas E; Sedelmayr, Michael; Gehrmann, Mathias; Geinitz, Hans; Duma, Marciana N; Combs, Stephanie E; Multhoff, Gabriele
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2016Randomized non-inferiority trial of Bicalutamide and Dutasteride versus LHRH agonists for prostate volume reduction prior to I-125 permanent implant brachytherapy for prostate cancer qGaudet, Marc; Vigneault, Éric; Foster, William; Meyer, François; Martin, André-guy
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Dose – volume effects for pelvic bone marrow in predicting hematological toxicity in prostate cancer radiotherapy with pelvic node irradiationSini, Carla; Fiorino, Claudio; Perna, Lucia; Noris, Barbara; Lucrezia, Chiara; Bianchi, Marco; Sacco, Vincenzo; Briganti, Alberto; Montorsi, Francesco; Calandrino, Riccardo; Di, Nadia; Cozzarini, Cesare
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (18).pdf.jpg2016Flattening filter free technique in breath-hold treatments of left-sided breast cancer : The effect on beam-on time and dose distributionsKoivumäki, Tuomas; Heikkilä, Janne; Väänänen, Anssi; Koskela, Kristiina; Sillanmäki, Saara
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (17).pdf.jpg2016A source document and case report form for prospective documentation of breast cancer radiotherapy parameters for use in trials or studiesRussell, Nicola S; Westenberg, A Helen; Hurkmans, Coen W; Leeuwen-stok, Elise Van
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (12).pdf.jpg2016fluorothymidine for defining hematopoietically active pelvic bone marrow in gynecologic patientsWyss, Jeffrey C; Carmona, Ruben; Karunamuni, Roshan A; Pritz, Jakub; Hoh, Carl K; Mell, Loren K
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016ESTRO-ACROP guideline ‘‘ target delineation of glioblastomas ”Niyazi, Maximilian; Brada, Michael; Chalmers, Anthony J; Combs, Stephanie E; Erridge, Sara C; Fiorentino, Alba; Grosu, Anca L; Lagerwaard, Frank J; Minniti, Giuseppe; Mirimanoff, René-olivier; Ricardi, Umberto; Short, Susan C; Weber, Damien C; Belka, Claus
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2016Association of intensity-modulated radiation therapy on overall survival for patients with Hodgkin lymphomaParikh, Rahul R; Grossbard, Michael L; Harrison, Louis B; Yahalom, Joachim
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (21).pdf.jpg2016Recommendations from GEC ESTRO Breast Cancer Working Group ( II ): Target definition and target delineation for accelerated or boost partial breast irradiation using multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy after breast conserving open cavity surgeryMajor, Tibor; Gutiérrez, Cristina; Guix, Benjamin; Limbergen, Erik Van; Strnad, Vratislav; Polgár, Csaba
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 1 January (20).pdf.jpg2016Vessel based delineation guidelines for the elective lymph node regions in breast cancer radiation therapy – PROCAB guidelinesVerhoeven, Karolien; Weltens, Caroline; Remouchamps, Vincent; Mahjoubi, Khalil; Veldeman, Liv; Lengelé, Benoit; Hortobagyi, Eszter; Kirkove, Carine
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 2 February (29).pdf.jpg2016Beyond mean pharyngeal constrictor dose for beam path toxicity in non-target swallowing muscles : Dose – volume correlates of chronic radiation-associated dysphagia ( RAD ) after oropharyngeal intensity modulated radiotherapy qHead, Anderson; Cancer, Neck; Working, Symptom; Contributing, Group; Hutcheson, Katherine; Mohamed, Abdallah S R; Lewin, Jan S; Gunn, G Brandon; Rao, Arvind U K; Kalpathy-cramer, Jayashree; Frank, Steven J; Garden, Adam S; Messer, Jay A; Warren, Benjamin; Lai, Stephen
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2016Effectiveness of an 18 F-FDG-PET based strategy to optimize the diagnostic trajectory of suspected recurrent laryngeal carcinoma after radiotherapy : The RELAPS multicenter randomized trialBree, Remco De; Putten, Lisa Van Der; Tinteren, Harm Van; Wedman, Jan; Oyen, Wim J G; Janssen, Luuk M; Brekel, Michiel W M Van Den; Comans, Emile F I; Pruim, Jan; Takes, Robert P; Hobbelink, Monique G G; Valdés, Renato; Laan, Bernard F A M Van Der; Boers, Maarten; Hoek
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 3 March (11).pdf.jpg2016Continuous hyperfractionated accelerated radiotherapy – Escalated dose ( CHART-ED ): A phase I studyQuintin, Matthew; Hatton, Fielding; Hill, Robert; David, John; Morgan, Sally A; Wilson, Paula C; James, Philip; Dickson, Jeanette; Eleanor, Kirsten; Paul, James
2016 RO Volume 118 Issue 3 March (29).pdf.jpg2016Functional IGRT CT ventilation functional image-based IMRT treatment plans are comparable to SPECT ventilation functional image-based plansKida, Satoshi; Bal, Matthieu; Kabus, Sven; Negahdar, Mohammadreza; Shan, Xin; Loo, Billy W; Keall, Paul J; Yamamoto, Tokihiro
2016 RO Volume 118 Supplement 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2016CHIC – A Multi-scale Modelling Platform for in-silico OncologyAbler, D; Büchler, P; Stamatakos, G S
2016 RO Volume 118 Supplement 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2016ICTR-PHE 2016 ICTR-PHE 2016 S3Aldawood, S; Bortfeldt, J; Böhmer, M; Castelhano, I; Dedes, G; Enghardt, W; Fiedler, F; Gernhäuser, R; Golnik, C; Helmbrecht, S; Kolff, H; Kormoll, T; Lang, C; Liprandi, S; Lutter, R; Maier, L; Marinšek, T; Pausch, G; Petzoldt, J; Pocevicius, M; Römer, K; Lozano, I Valencia