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2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 3 March (18).pdf.jpg2015Degree of Preservation of the Neurovascular Bundles During Radical Prostatectomy and Urinary Continence 1 Year after SurgeryCarlsson, Stefan; Thorsteinsdottir, Thordis; Gustafsson, Ove; Lagerkvist, Mikael; Jiborn, Thomas; Haglind, Eva; Wiklund, Peter
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2015Platinum Priority – Prostate Cancer Patient-derived Xenografts Reveal that Intraductal Carcinoma of the Prostate Is a Prominent Pathology in BRCA2 Mutation Carriers with Prostate Cancer and Correlates with Poor PrognosisMontironi, Rodolfo; Cheng, Liang; Lopez-beltran, Antonio; Scarpelli, Marina; Montorsi, Francesco; Risbridger, Gail P; Taylor, Renea A; Clouston, David; Sliwinski, Ania; Thorne, Heather; Hunter, Sally; Li, Jason; Mitchell, Gillian; Murphy, Declan; Frydenberg, Mark; Pook,
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2015Effects of Cabozantinib on Pain and Narcotic Use in Patients with Castration-resistant Prostate Cancer : Results from a Phase 2 Nonrandomized Expansion CohortBasch, Ethan; Autio, Karen A; Smith, Matthew R; Bennett, Antonia V; Weitzman, Aaron L; Scheffold, Christian; Sweeney, Christopher; Rathkopf, Dana E; Smith, David C; George, Daniel J; Higano, Celestia S; Harzstark, Andrea L; Sartor, A Oliver; Gordon, Michael S; Vogelzan
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2015Exosomal miR-1290 and miR-375 as Prognostic Markers in Castration-resistant Prostate CancerHuang, Xiaoyi; Yuan, Tiezheng; Liang, Meihua; Du, Meijun; Xia, Shu; Dittmar, Rachel; Wang, Dian; See, William; Costello, Brian A; Quevedo, Fernando; Tan, Winston; Nandy, Debashis; Bevan, Graham H; Longenbach, Sherri; Sun, Zhifu; Lu, Yan; Wang, Tao; Thibodeau, Stephen N; Bo
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 4 April (7).pdf.jpg2015Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Transectal Ultrasound Image-fusion Biopsies Accurately Characterize the Index Tumor : Correlation with Step-sectioned Radical Prostatectomy Specimens in 135 PatientsBaco, Eduard; Ukimura, Osamu; Rud, Erik; Vlatkovic, Ljiljana; Svindland, Aud; Aron, Manju; Palmer, Suzanne; Matsugasumi, Toru; Marien, Arnaud; Bernhard, Jean-christophe; Rewcastle, John C; Eggesbø, Heidi B; Gill, Inderbir S
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 2 February (6).pdf.jpg2015Platinum Priority – Benign Prostatic Enlargement Long-term Safety and Efficacy of Single-tablet Combinations of Solifenacin and Tamsulosin Oral Controlled Absorption System in Men with Storage and Voiding Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms : Results from the NEDrake, Marcus J; Chapple, Christopher; Sokol, Roman; Oelke, Matthias; Traudtner, Klaudia
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 3 March (16).pdf.jpg2015Understanding the Mechanisms of Androgen Deprivation Resistance in Prostate Cancer at the Molecular LevelKarantanos, Theodoros; Evans, Christopher P; Tombal, Bertrand; Thompson, Timothy C; Montironi, Rodolfo; Isaacs, William B
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2015Randomized Trial of Narrow-band Versus White-light Cystoscopy for Restaging ( Second-look ) Transurethral Resection of Bladder TumorsHerr, Harry W
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2015Racial Variation in Prostate Cancer Upgrading and Upstaging Among Men with Low-risk Clinical CharacteristicsJalloh, Mohamed; Myers, Frank; Cowan, Janet E; Carroll, Peter R; Cooperberg, Matthew R
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 2 February (13).pdf.jpg2015Melatonin , Sleep , and Prostate Cancer in Elderly Men : Study , Hypothesis Development , and Icelandic OptionsReiter, Russel J; Erren, Thomas C; Slanger, Tracy E; Vale, J
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of the Prognostic Significance of Perirenal Fat Invasion and Tumor Size in Patients with pT1 – pT3a Localized Renal Cell Carcinoma in a Comprehensive Multicenter Study of the CORONA project . Can We Improve Prognostic Discrimination for PatientBrookman-may, Sabine D; May, Matthias; Wolff, Ingmar; Zigeuner, Richard; Hutterer, Georg C; Cindolo, Luca; Schips, Luigi; Cobelli, Ottavio De; Rocco, Bernardo; Nunzio, Cosimo De; Tubaro, Andrea; Coman, Ioman; Truss, Michael; Dalpiaz, Orietta; Feciche, Bogdan; Figenshau,
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 3 September (17).pdf.jpg2015Does Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reduce the Rate of Positive Surgical Margins at Radical Prostatectomy in a Randomised Clinical Trial ? Randomised controlled trialRud, Erik; Baco, Eduard; Klotz, Dagmar; Rennesund, Kristin; Svindland, Aud; If, T D; Berge, Viktor; Lundeby, Eskild; Wessel, Nicolai; Hoff, Jon-roar; Eigil, Rolf; Diep, Lien; Eggesbø, Heidi B; If, T D; Magne, Lars; If, T D
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 5 May (10).pdf.jpg2015Silodosin to Facilitate Passage of Ureteral Stones :Trial, Placebo-controlled; Sur, Roger L; Shore, Neal; Esperance, James L; Knudsen, Bodo; Gupta, Mantu; Olsen, Scott
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 2 August (14).pdf.jpg2015A Systematic Review of Immunotherapy in Urologic Cancer : Evolving Roles for Targeting of CTLA-4 , PD-1 / PD-L1 , and HLA-GCarosella, Edgardo D; Ploussard, Guillaume; Lemaoult, Joel; Desgrandchamps, Francois
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2015Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Factors Determining Change to Radical Treatment in Active Surveillance for Localized Prostate CancerSimpkin, Andrew J; Tilling, Kate; Martin, Richard M; Lane, J Athene; Hamdy, Freddie C; Holmberg, Lars; Neal, David E; Metcalfe, Chris; Donovan, Jenny L
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 6 June (14).pdf.jpg2015Targeting the Androgen Receptor Confers In Vivo Cross-resistance Between Enzalutamide and Docetaxel , But Not Cabazitaxel , in Castration-resistant Prostate CancerKweldam, Charlotte F; Ridder, Corrina M A De; Soest, Robert J Van; Morre, Ellen S De; Wiemer, Erik A C; Mathijssen, Ron H J; Wit, Ronald De; Weerden, Wytske M Van
2015 EU Volume 67 Issue 5 May (6).pdf.jpg2015EAU Standardised Medical Terminology for Urologic Imaging : A Taxonomic Approach for the European Association of Urology Guidelines Office Ad Hoc Working Group onLoch, Tillmann; Carey, Brendan; Walz, Jochen; Fox, Pat; Imaging, Urological
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 1 July (16).pdf.jpg2015Achieving Quality Assurance of Prostate Cancer Surgery During Reorganisation of Cancer ServicesCathcart, Paul; Sridhara, Ashwin; Ramachandran, Navin; Briggs, Timothy; Nathan, Senthil; Kelly, John
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 2 August (15).pdf.jpg2015Maintenance Therapy with 3-monthly Bacillus Calmette-Gue for 3 Years is Not Superior to Standard Induction Therapy in High-risk Non – muscle-invasive Urothelial Bladder Carcinoma : Final Results of Randomised CUETO Study 98013Zabala, A; Cadierno, Iker; Martı, Luis; Moyano, L; Solsona, Eduardo; Unda, Miguel; Beardo, Pastora; Dorrego, M Alonso; Chantada, Venancio; Palou, Joan; Muntan, Pedro; Montesinos, Manuel; Ojea, Antonio; Silva, Juan M; Martı, A
2015 EU Volume 68 Issue 3 September (12).pdf.jpg2015A National Multicenter Phase 2 Study of Prostate-specific Antigen ( PSA ) Pox Virus Vaccine with Sequential Androgen Ablation Therapy in Patients with PSA Progression : ECOG 9802Dipaola, Robert S; Chen, Yu-hui; Bubley, Glenn J; Stein, Mark N; Hahn, Noah M; Carducci, Michael A; Lattime, Edmund C; Gulley, James L; Arlen, Philip M; Butterfield, Lisa H; Wilding, George

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